Cash Management & Remote Deposit

Cash Management

Make your business run more efficiently. Our cash management services help you streamline administrative tasks to save time and money.

Perform a wide variety of functions, including check reconciliation and ACH transactions, all from the comfort of your office. Reach out to us today to find out how you can get started.


  • Enjoy 24/7 control over company finances
  • Cut down on repetition; save time and reduce errors in accounting
  • Streamline recordkeeping
  • Have anytime control of comprehensive information at your fingertips
    • Direct deposit
    • Make and record tax payments
    • Collect payments electronically
    • Check reconciliation
    • Bill payment services
    • And more
  • Ability to create multiple employee logins with customized access

Remote Deposit

During a busy workday, there is little time to run out to a bank branch to deposit a company check. With remote deposit capture, you can deposit checks without having to visit the bank.

Save time and money in three easy steps.

  • Scan checks at your office using software and hardware provided by Iowa Trust
  • The scanned check images are transmitted to Iowa Trust for deposit
  • Iowa Trust receives and processes the items for collection

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