Treasury Management

Iowa Trust’s Treasury Management services allow business owners and operators to streamline business-related finances by managing cash, investments and other financial assets. It assists companies by optimizing liquidity and mitigating risk. Managing these functions effectively and efficiently can allow businesses to focus on planning for their future and achieving their goals. 

Partnering with Iowa Trust for your treasury management needs can free up resources internally to focus on other tasks while giving you access to our professionals who have unique insights into this area of financial management. Treasury management services can include:

  • Business Online Banking: 24-hour real-time access to account balances, pending items and robust transaction history. Customized user management allows businesses to set up employees who can perform important treasury management functions.
  • ACH Services: ACH services help businesses control cash flow and reduce check writing. ACH services can be used for payroll direct deposit, bill collection, vendor payments, electronic transfers between banks, businesses and consumers.
  • Wire Services: Instead of calling the bank each time you need to make a wire transfer, online wire transfer capabilities give businesses the ability to send domestic and international payments securely and efficiently. Businesses can set limits, control amounts and accounts for their users and can require additional users to approve wires above certain dollar thresholds. For frequent wire recipients, businesses can create templates, saving them time and increasing control over the payments.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: Businesses are able to scan checks from their office and submit those checks electronically for deposit. No trips to the bank to make deposits. A small desktop scanner, computer and internet connection is all the business needs to make deposits from their office.
  • Sweeps: Businesses can choose from simple sweeps that prevent overdrafts to complex sweeps that integrate checking, money market accounts and loans. Sweep processing offers an efficient means of cash-flows control for multiple accounts.
  • Cash Concentration: Pull funds from other financial institutions and consolidate those funds at Iowa Trust.
  • Positive Pay: Positive Pay is a system designed to stop any fraudulent checks from clearing a client’s account. Client will provide Iowa Trust with an issued checks file. We load that file into our system and compare each check that clears the account. If a check doesn't match, we present that check to the client to review and decision. If check is fraudulent, we return it.
  • ACH Positive Pay: This service allows clients to review all incoming electronic debits before they clear their account. Iowa Trust only allows authorized ACH transactions to post if they are from recognized entities. Any ACH entry that does not meet the criteria the client has given, we return as an unauthorized entry.

If you’re interested in learning more about treasury management and why it may be the right solution for your business needs, please contact us today!