Savings Account Benefits

When you are ready to start saving for the future and putting money aside, Iowa Trust has some great options for savings accounts. We keep your money safe and secure for those future financial needs. Iowa Trust also provides competitive interest rates on your accounts. We offer the following savings accounts to help you reach your financial goals.

Savings Money Market
Description Basic Savings Account Interest Bearing Savings Account for those who maintain higher balances in deposits and loans.
Minimum to Open $100 $2,500
Interest Bearing Checkmark Checkmark
Monthly Fee $4 $8
How to avoid fee: Maintain a combined average available balance of $3,000 in deposits and loans or sign up for E-Statement. *** Maintain a combined average available balance of $2,500 in deposits and loans.

*** Fees are also waived for customers ages 0 through 23 ***
Full disclosure of all savings account requirements, services, funds availability and fees will be made available at the time of opening the account or upon request
Iowa Trust has the right to refuse any deposits

Savings Account Benefits

You never know when a rainy day, week or month will present itself. By prepared for the unexpected with a savings account. Depending on the monetary balance in the account, you can choose from either a traditional savings account or money market account and enjoy the benefits of setting aside money for future use.

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  • Keeps your money safe
  • Access your funds easily
  • Money management

Money Market Account

Another type of savings/deposit account is a money market account. A money market account will pay out higher interest rates than a traditional savings account, but requires that a customer maintain a combined average available balance of $2,500 between deposits and loans. Money market accounts are insured by the FDIC or NCUA, up to $250,000 held by the same owner or owners.